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How to Select the Best Lazada Courier Services

Updated: Mar 10

3 benefits and 2 rewards you will receive when you choose EZIE as your Lazada courier

1. Discounted Shipping Rates

EZIE helps you save on shipping costs by offering discounted rates — up to 45% off retail rates — through J&T Express, NinjaVan, and more. You can compare rates for all packages by connecting your own account to our global carrier network.

2. Professional shipping labels and notifications

Our EZIE App fills out all necessary shipping labels and document information required for domestic and international orders for you. You can easily add additional insurance to protect your packages when needed. Once shipped, you and your customers will be notified via SMS at every step to ensure full visibility and the best customer experience.

3. Connect to multiple stores

Streamline your shipping process by integrating orders from all your eCommerce platforms and marketplaces in one place. Integrate with Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, WooCommerce, and many more.

4. $30 Exclusive Lazada Delivered By Seller (DBS) Reward

Every new Lazada Sellers who register to our EZIE platform will receive an exclusive Lazada Seller Reward of $30 when they connect their stores and ship their first parcel with EZIE.

How to get it?

1. "Sign-in" to EZIE platform

2. Click "Connect" to Integrate Your Lazada Delivered By Seller (DBS) Store (5 sec)

3. Ship Your First Parcel (43 sec)

5. $20 Lazada DBS Seller Referral Bonus Reward

Every Lazada Seller who refers other Lazada Sellers to EZIE will receive an additional $20 Lazada DBS Seller Referral Bonus ($10 to you & $10 to your friend).

How to get it?

1. Share Your "Referral Code" to Lazada DBS Sellers

2. New Lazada Sellers sign-up with your code

3. New Lazada Sellers connect their shops to EZIE Platform & Place 1 Completed Order

Criteria to be met to link EZIE accounts with Lazada

In order to select a courier service such as EZIE in Lazada, sellers must request for Delivered by Seller (DBS), and DBS is permissible only for the sellers that offer specific types of products. There are 8 criteria and one of the 8 criteria must be met to fulfill DBS. Sellers can only use courier partners provided by Lazada such as Lazada eLogistics, TheLorry, Ninjavan, and Grab unless they apply for DBS and chose more preferred courier providers.

8 Criteria

Items with weight > 30kg

Items with one side (L OR W OR H) > 150cm

High value items (≥ SGD1000)

Items requiring temperature control

Items which may require installation

Dangerous goods (Battery, Hazardous liquids, Gas, Flammable)

Product category under Tools & Home Improvement > Wall Treatment > Paint & Primers

Product category under Groceries > Beer, Wine & Spirits​

Please visit Lazada's Seller Center for more information, and watch our "EZIE Tutorial #5 - How to integrate E-commerce Platform" to get a better understanding of linking EZIE's account with Lazada.

Tip) Integrating with EZIE allows you to automatically sync orders from your Lazada store account and send back tracking information. Your orders are always synchronized.

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