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How to plug your Lazada or Shopee store with EZIE ?

Updated: Mar 10

If you are an online seller in Singapore, there is an extremely high chance that you are currently selling either on Lazada Singapore (https://www.lazada.sg/) either on Shopee Singapore (https://shopee.sg).

Both marketplace platforms have popularized online selling and open ecommerce channel to millions of micro sellers across south east asia by first of all making online selling very easy and accessible to create a shop online but most of all by building a gigantic traffic users around their platforms with millions $ spend in marketing.

Because at EZIE we understand the importance of these platforms with your business we have created integrated plug ins between your Lazada or Shopee store and our online shipping booking platform. See picture below.

Once connected, all your customer orders will flow automatically into your EZIE account and you will just need to submit parcel information and select the best 3PL provider.

Few clicks and you are done in for further parcel status updates as EZIE will automatically updates Lazada or Shopee - hence your customer - when the parcel is delivered reducing significantly the hassle of manual status updates in Lazada or Shopee seller centers.

You then control better your shipping budget and provide a better experience to your customers.

Feel free to reach out to our customer support team online if you need some help to set your ecommerce plug-ins for Lazada, Shopee or Spotify.

And don't forget that we offer today rates for as low as 3.21$ below 5kgs nationwide. Free doorstep pick-up. No minimum order.

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Happy Shipping !

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