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How can EZIE Capital help your eCommerce Business?

Updated: Mar 10

What is EZIE Capital?

In partnership with Funding Societies, a leading SME digital financing platform backed by SoftBank Ventures Asia Corp and Sequoia India, EZIE Capital is one of our new financial solutions for our EZIE sellers who need a fast capital of up to S$20,000 to expand their businesses.

Why EZIE Capital?

We are confident that EZIE Capital will only boost our seller's business due to the following advantages:

  1. Easy to apply (No formal application)

  2. Time-Saving (EZIE will provide the platform data)

  3. Faster to approve (Pre-approved within 24 hours*)

  4. Preferential Rates only for EZIE Sellers

  5. Low-Interest Rate of 1.65%/mth (Usually starts from 2.5%/mth)

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Micro Loans will be fulfilled by FS Capital Pte. Ltd.

How can EZIE Capital help your eCommerce business?

  • Inventory Purchases

  • Urgent projects & opportunities (12.12 & Christmas Season are coming up soon!)

  • Expanding your Business

  • Boosting Cashflows

Who is elligbile for EZIE Capital?

  1. Singapore registered business entities registered on the EZIE App Platform

  2. 6 months minimum operating history

  3. Minimum 30% local shareholding

When can I apply for EZIE Capital?

Coming soon! If you want to be noticed when the EZIE Capital is available, tell us you are interested!" How to do it? Follow the simple 2 steps:

1. Sign-up or Sign-into Your account & Click the "Dashboard"

2. Click the Banner "EZIE Capital" to show your interest!

EZIE! Now you are done :)

We will keep you updated!

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