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[EZIE Care] Protect Your In-transit Parcel up to RM 30,900!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

EZIE App is giving away free poly mailer bag for every iRush Paperless Delivery order!

Get reimbursed automatically in case of loss or damage in transit.

Claiming for the lost or damaged parcels can take up to 2-3 weeks at minimum, and it requires too many documents to be approved. Honestly, sometimes you feel like the courier partner is just not willing to help.

EZIE App wants to prevent such time and money-consuming problems from your eCommerce business. That's why we came up with EZIE Care!

  • Costs only 1.2% of Your Item Value (excl. GST)

  • Item value can be up to RM 30.9K

  • Reimbursement will be made once your parcel status is confirmed LOST or DAMAGED (directly into your EZIE wallet)

  • Apply only for confirmed courier mishandling prior to the refund (if rejected by 3PL partners, then the reimbursement won't be made)

For instance, if your item value is RM 100, then your EZIE Care costs RM 1.2 excl. GST.

You can watch our 1 min YouTube Tutorial on "How to Use EZIE Care" to learn more!

You don't have EZIE Accounts? No worries, sign-up NOW!

It will take only a minute.

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