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Enjoy $3.20 iRush Paperless Delivery Service

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Enjoy our Hassle-Free iRush Paperless Delivery Service

As an eCommerce seller, printing a label is one of the tasks that you wish to avoid.

These are the reasons:

  1. Printing label is very time-consuming (unless you have an HP/Canon office printer).

  2. During the pick-up, the printed label can get rejected by the driver.

  3. Buying a label printer, its inks, and papers are expensive.

We have THE SOLUTION to save your time & money!

EZIE App is proudly introducing the Paperless service supported by iRushservcies, our courier partner.

Up to 5kg, costs only $3.20

Up to 30kg, costs only $7.00

Takes 1-3 days AFTER pick-up to be delivered.

How to Use the Paperless service? Just Write:

  • Your recipient's details (name/phone number/address)

  • Your Order/Tracking Number


Now, you are ready to ship your first Paperless Delivery.

Haven't registered for EZIE App? No worries. It takes only a minute.

p.s. If you need help placing your first order, do check our 2 mins YouTube Tutorial.

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