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EZIE App's Logistic Service: Best Courier Service in Singapore

Updated: Mar 10

It has never been so easy to sell anything online in Singapore.

The massive growth of marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee was possible because of the entrepreneurship spirit of many of us and the access to online store creation in a few clicks.

Creating few products pages on these marketplace is easy and most of the newly online sellers gets their first orders quickly too. But now comes the catch : Shipping !

Shipping online orders as a new seller is tedious and complex as there is numerous new shipping providers in the market coming up with multiple complex delivery options : standard, express, next day, same day, etc. Confusing !

So here is couple of tips from the Easy Shipping experts depending on your needs.

  1. You need the cheapest delivery rates ? Think "PUDO"

What is "PUDO" ? PUDO stands for "Pick-Up / Drop-Off" which represents a network of couriers partners convenient locations - usually retail stores, minimarts, cafe chains or parcel lockers - operated by couriers like SingPost, Ninja Van and Park n Parcel.

Because you need to drop-off the parcel physically yourself, courier service providers can provide very cheap delivery fees - for as low as 3$ (and even below). Bear in mind that usually PUDO network locations have a limited size / weight constraints meaning that it's usually more suitable for fast freight (no bulky).

Once dropped-off, most courier service will provide a standard 1-3 days delivery time.

Examples of courier service using PUDO:

- For NinjaVan, they are called Ninja Points > https://www.ninjavan.co/en-sg/ninja-points#find-a-ninja-point

- For Park n Parcel, they are called Parker Points > https://www.parknparcel.com.sg/points-location

For SingPost, it's Pop Stations > https://www.speedpost.com.sg/locate-us

2. You need the cheapest but end-to-end delivery rates ?

No time to go to the drop-off points physically drop your parcels or to look out for the very long list of new courier service which currently provides standard end-to-end delivery rates ranging between $3 to $4 ?

Then the easiest is to use an online delivery rates comparator tool like seller.ezielog.com

Despite being small in size, Singapore is attracting all the main delivery companies from across the globe as a main entry point for the bigger south east asia markets. Companies like Aramex (from India) or SF Express / Cainiao owned by Alibaba / RoadBull / Best Express / J&T express (all from China) are all setting shops in Singapore to compete with local home growns players like SingPost, SpeedPost & NinjaVan.

Competition is fierce and sellers will definitely benefit from it as long as you take the time to compare delivery rates regularly.

Examples of standard end-to-end courier service providers

- NinjaVan: https://www.ninjavan.co/en-sg

-SingPost: https://www.singpost.com/

-J&T express: https://www.jtexpress.sg/trackmyparcel

-Best express: https://www.best-inc.sg/

3. You want your parcel to be delivered next day (not in 1-3 days) ?

If you are selling high value products (ie: phone, gold or others expensive accessories) on your beloved Lazada or Shopee store, sometimes you want your product to come with a higher delivery experience or what's called a WoW effect !

In that case you can start offering next day delivery service which now delivery fees has significantly going down nationwide and range between $3.5 to $5 depending on providers.

Examples of same day / next day courier service providers (prices excl. GST)

- J&T express next day delivery fees $3.5 up to 5kgs: seller.ezielog.com

- CJ Logistics next day delivery fees $5 up to 5kgs: seller.ezielog.com

Pay attention to the order cut-off time as usually you can only place a next day booking service before 3-4pm in Day 0 for the courier service to perform next day delivery.

4. You need a same day or rush delivery service for your F&B products ?

If you sell F&B products (ie: Kimchi or ice creams) on your beloved Lazada or Shopee store, sometimes you cannot wait for even next day delivery lead time as it might damage the product you sell and your customer experience.

You need what's call an instant or rush delivery service (usually in hours like 1,2,3 or 4 hours service) and a partner that can accomodate groceries, frozen, chilled or liquids goods.

Because of COVID-19 last year, we have seen a huge boom in food deliveries across singapore (ie: FoodPanda, Deliveroo or GrabFood) initially covering restaurants and F&B businesses. Luckily for you now, these players are now looking for customer diversification and are happy to take on your instagram or marketplace orders too.

Fare structure will usually be a flat rate + distance tier delivery fees.

Pick-up will be either within 15mn (for instant) or within 2 hours (for 4h delivery service)

Examples of instant courier service providers (prices excl. GST)

- Grab express providing instant to deliveries service for +15$ / 4h for +$7

- PandaGo is also expected to start instant and 4h services for cold chain very soon.

5. You need a bulky delivery service for your furniture or home appliances ?

If you sell bulky products (ie: home appliances or home furniture) on your beloved Lazada or Shopee store, sometimes it's difficult to find a courier providers accepting goods which are either +50kgs or +100cm of one dimension as these are considered "bulky" from a logistics provider standpoint.

Finding the best bulky providers is a challenge as most of the regular courier service providers entering the delivery business in Singapore starts with a regular fast freight delivery options understanding the facts that almost 90% of volumes in ecommerce are usually below 5kgs / 30cm and they usually want to design and optimize their network for fast freight only.

Fortunately, we see more and more new specialized bulky partners entering Singapore markets too with offers specialized in bulky deliveries. New couriers players like theLorry.com or Gogox.com or uParcels are doing a great efforts to aggregate vans of all sizes and 10 to 14 ft lorries owners in their platforms to build the capacity needed in the market.

Examples of bulky courier service providers (prices excl. GST)

- TheLorry : https://thelorry.com

- GogoX: https://www.gogox.com/sg/

- UParcel: https://www.uparcel.sg/

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Happy Shipping !

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